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Perspectives | July 2016

Others may see this as a simple photo of a man at the bottom of the steps looking at his phone.  I see much more beyond the scope of the frame.  I see a man who has had great influence over a school district, & many families. A man who has a great heart for children and young adults.  I see a man who has always been governed by truth in everything that he does. He has led with much patience and wisdom always exemplifying a humble spirit preferring to be in the background quietly working even when he held the title of Superintendent.

This photo has special meaning to me for several reasons.

  1. It was taken at Whitehouse High school….a building he was heavily involved in constructing.  The building where two of our three children attended and graduated high school.
  2. I have very few photos of my husband in his element at work and am thankful to have captured this moment in time.
  3. This photo was unplanned and he was totally unaware that I had turned the camera on him.  We were actually at the school to photograph our youngest daughter receiving her high school diploma.

When education has been such a huge facet of your life, especially at one place for so long, it makes me feel like his retirement is the “end of an era” making the end bittersweet. However, I’m looking forward to the next chapter with great anticipation and the blessing of having him around a little more.

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