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Project Light: Hard Light (Week 1)

Over the next month, myself and a group of photographers will be studying hard light.  What is it you ask?  Hard Light is dramatic light that results in high contrast images with bright whites and dark shadows. Photographers use small sources of light to illuminate parts of an subject or location and direct the viewer’s attention either to or from a particular portion of the scene. Hard light can enhance delicate or grand textures by skimming across an architectural facade or something simple like folded paper. Full sun on a bright day is hard light that creates harsh shadows, even though the sun is not a small light source, because its distance creates the effect of a small light source much closer to the subject.

Image taken October 31, 2012

Next up in the circle is the fabulous work of Linda Hooper, located in Geneva Switzerland.  Please follow the circle to see all the various interpretations! To view the archives of Project Light, visit here.


Julie Kiernan - Kim what a fun halloween image. I love the starbursts that hard light creates. Very creative.

Linda H - Kim, this is fabulous! What a great capture of a traditional halloween pumpkin!!

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