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52.2 | Week 3

We have looked at geometric shapes as framing elements and in repetition. This week we are doing a little balancing act with all of the shapes we are finding. Geometric shapes naturally attract our attention and therefore have inherent visual weight. When placed in the frame with a primary subject they can act as a secondary subject. When the weights of the two subjects are placed well in the frame, just as on a scale, the composition will be balanced.

Visit our collaborative blog site to view all of the images in one place.  The mosaic is generated randomly and will look a little different each time you return. You may also continue on to any individual photographer’s website by clicking on her image in the mosaic.

This image was taken a couple of weeks ago during the East Texas State Fair with the geometric assignments in mind.  My family indulged my sister-n-law and myself as we played with long exposures.  I am finding the older I get the more I enjoy photographing the rides rather than riding them.  🙂

East Texas State Fair

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